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BorgoCuore was started given the strong bond with the enchanting land of Umbria and given the strong desire to add value to an undiscovered, yet marvelous part of our homeland.

Old houses, abandoned for years, have been restored with great attention and passion, bringing them back to life with all modern comforts and in respect of the environment, our traditions and integrity of the Umbrian territory.

BorgoCuore is the result of a harmonious restoration process of part of the ancient castle of Ilci, in the county of Todi, among the rolling green hills of Umbria, the green heart of Italy, making it a place to stay for lovers of peace, nature and the countryside.

BorgoCuore allows you to immerge yourself in village life, with its laid-back rhythms and its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. A dream of simplicity where you can rediscover the color of the seasons, the nature’s flavors and ancient traditions while being surrounded by an unique and relaxing landscape.